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Every Little Thing - The Butler, Vermont Series Book 1

If these characters sound familiar, they should. Ms. Force is starting a new series with all her wonderful characters from her Green Mountain Series. This book continues where the last one ended. What is great though, is even if you’ve neve...

5 Stars
  • Author: Marie Force
  • Review by: Terri
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Contemporary
  • Publisher: HTJB, Inc.

Light After Dark - A Gansett Island Novel, #16

New family, new friends and new beginnings are all part of this story. This amazing romance is more than just about romance. It is about relationships, life changes and second chances. Mallory is dealing with being laid off a job she’s had...

5 Stars

Virtuous - Quantum Trilogy, #1

M.S. Force is a new to me author and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. Flynn is a famous actor working in NY on a new film. He literally runs into a woman and he falls head over heels for her. He knows that there is something in...

4 Stars

Valorous - Quantum Trilogy, #2

In book two of the Quantum Trilogy we find out that one secret can lead to a broken trust that just might not be able to be fixed. Flynn and Natalie are still together and going strong. It looks like they both got their fairy tale romance a...


Season for Love - Gansett Island Series, #6

With Seasons for Love, we (finally) get the love story of Owen and Laura. Their romance has been building since Falling for Love, where a devastated Laura meets wandering musician Owen. From the moment Owen offers Laura his shoulder to cry...

4 Stars

Hoping For Love - Gansett Island Series, #5

Grace Ryan comes to Gansett Island on a date with her high school crush and ends up being left there when she walks out on him after finding out he was with her as a bet. With no money, clothes or place to stay for the night she ends up cry...

4 Stars

Starting Over - Trilogy, #3

Brandon O'Malley wakes up in the last place he thinks he needs to be...rehab. He's convinced he doesn't have a drinking problem, despite the fact that his attack on his brother's girlfriend is how he wound up where he is. What finally convi...


Marking Time - Trilogy, #2

Clare Harrington is still dealing with the aftermath of her accident and what she's lost. Kate Harrington is on her way to Nashville, hoping to obtain the music career she's always dreamed of. Clare is still devastated not only from the aft...


Treading Water - Trilogy, #1

One phone call changed Jack Harrington's life. In that moment, everything changed and his world collapsed. Hearing that his wife, Clare, has been in an accident and critically injured, he didn't think things could get worse. But when he fin...