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It's Not Love, It's Just Paris

It’s Not Love, Its Just Paris will take readers on a spellbound journey of self-discovery, defining what it means to find love and endure loss all for the sake of making the ultimate sacrifice in the end. This novel is a very enriched read...

4 Stars

Gathering Strength - Conversations with Afghan Women

I found Gathering Strength hard to read because of the content. From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban ruled most of Afghanistan. As we know, prior to the Taliban's rise to power, Afghanistan has been embroiled in one war or another for decades. Am...


The Car Thief

I couldn't finish this book. I really tried but I found the writing style to be extremely dry. What little dialog was weaved into the story consisted of just a couple of lines of what felt to be forced interaction. A majority of what I read...