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Rogue Blood - The Untouchables, #4

This is the fourth book in “The Untouchables” series by the very talented author T.A. Grey. “Rogue Blood” was a fantastic read that was loaded with tension and romantic suspense that kept this reader captivated from beginning to end. I love...


Merely Immortal - The Untouchables, #3

Merely Immortal is another winning book from T.A. Grey. I enjoyed this exciting and suspenseful second chance for Lucas and Beth. Lucas Blackmoore is grieving for his lost love. Beth was supposedly long gone, as in dead, obliterated in an e...

4 Stars

The Silent Princess - The MacKellen Alphas, #2

This was an okay read and a decent follow up to The Loneliest Alpha. It was an entertaining read with a main plot that pulled me in right away. However, it did have a few problems. I found myself disappointed by editing mistakes. There were...


Hunted - The Claiming, #1

This is the first book in a series and as a result the reader is inundated with a lot of information. It is an alternate reality from ours similar to early England in its technology and clothing. There is also a supernatural element that pr...

3 Stars

Tempting Gray - The Untouchables, #2

Tempting Gray is the second book in The Untouchables series from the very talented T.A. Grey. I loved it. It is a masterfully crafted tale of heartache, vengeance and passion. One that held me captivated from the beginning to the end. Grays...


Jace - Bodyguards for Hire

I had an absolute blast reading this novel. Jace is a book that will grab a reader from page one and not let go. In all honesty, I read this book in one sitting. It was that good! This novel is packed full of nonstop action, nail biting sus...


The Loneliest Alpha - The MacKellen Alphas, #1

Have you ever met some characters in a book and you like them so much that you want to know them in real life? Get pulled so deep into their story that you never want it to end? AHA!!! This is one of those books for me and I freaking loved...

5 Stars

Take Me - The Untouchables, #1

Take Me is book # 1 in the new Untouchables series from talented author T.A. Grey. I confess to being a paranormal junkie, and I'll try anything that features sexy vampires & hot weres. I also love stories that feature "alpha males", and Do...

4 Stars

The Fallen King - The Bellum Sisters #4

When I first read the delightful Bellum sisters books, I thought it was a trilogy that would leave readers wanting to go back time and again. Little did I know, author T.A. Grey had a trick up her sleeve. The Bellum sisters books are not a...

5 Stars

Ties That Bind - The Bellum Sisters, #3

For readers already familiar with the Bellum sisters, we already know that Lily Bellum is more than a handful. She is rambunctious, crazy, and often doesn’t think before she acts, but she is also very smart and has a heart of pure gold. Tel...

5 Stars

Bonds of Fire - The Bellum Sisters, #2

Willow Bellum is so angry; she is fit to be tied. Her father has died and given her and her sisters away! As readers of the first book, Chains of Frost, will know, Willow is the second of the Bellum sisters, and a firecracker in her own rig...


Chains of Frost - The Bellum Sisters, #1

Chloe Bellum is a succubus with a huge problem. Her father, the Protector for her and her two sisters, has died. To make matters worse, he has gone and done what he swore never to do: leave his daughters to three different supernatural men...

4 Stars