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Erotikos - Length: Novella (24k words)

Renee and her two girlfriends, Candi and Mina, decided to have a sleepover party at Renee's house. They hadn't done this in a long time and felt it was long overdue to have a little party together. While Renee and Candi waited for Mina to a...


Inseparable - Erotic Romance, Paranormal

Alison Palmer moves to London after her adulterous husband's death in order to get her life back together. One benefit of London is her good friend Ginny is there who helps Alison find a temporary job house sitting at Foxton Hall. She meets...

3 Stars

Tears of the Dragon

Carolina Valdez paints a vibrant picture of dragons in a sexy new light. There are shape-shifting dragons, a sacred trust and even hot lovin' to rival even a dragon's breath. Even though I liked Arondele/ Gloriana a great deal and greatly e...

3 Stars