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Red, White, and Groom

CJ Parker, owner of Park Perfect Weddings in California, is a very successful wedding planner. She plans weddings ranging from every day couples to high profile ones. She is very proud of her business and works like crazy to keep...

5 Stars

Cupid's Target

Lovell Cupid AKA “Cupid” and his wife, Lusty Heartrings own the upscale and prosperous department store, Heartrings. Zane Cupid, their only child, runs the department store for his parents and does a magnificent job to say...

5 Stars

Chasing Clover

Nashville O'Leary was lucky enough to be not only the CEO of the family business, Lucky Ice Cream, but also part owner of the business as well. Sales weren't doing as well as they should have been and his father equated that to Nash putting...

5 Stars

Holy Ravioli

Shira Pravoloni worked with her father, Franco, in the family business, The Pravoloni Ravioli Company. Although she was pure Italian, she didn't see things eye to eye with her mother when it came to arranged marriages and traditions like th...

5 Stars

The Money Bunny

Jackson Hunter was an investor in his father's LA company, Hunter Industries. They had their eye on The Gibson Street project, a shopping center and high rise development, and they had invested quite a substantial amount of money to the dev...


Rescued Heart

Lt. Fallon Carter was summoned with three other members of her team to be briefed by Colonel Hampton. They never expected to receive the terrible news he was going to inform them of. Lieutenant Eric Sanders was wounded on a mission. He was...

4 Stars

Mayhem Minis

Mayhem Minis consisted of three short stories written by Donna Michaels. The first story, Hunk Slave, was my favorite story although I also thoroughly enjoyed Soul Survivor and Neptune's Gift. In Hunk Slave, Christine Conrad was convinced t...


Dr. Gnome

Two agents for P.L.A.S.M.A. (Paranormal League Against Social Menace Agency) are teamed together for the first time. Pierce DeVein from the Vampire division and Kitty Kat from the shifter division. Their mission is to discover how the world...


After All These Years

Marilyn had raised her children on her own, often working three jobs to support them. With her children grown and working in a greasy restaurant, the past was almost behind her. Marilyn often thought about her husband Bobby but two decades...