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Remember the Ladies

“Remember the Ladies” by Gina L. Mulligan was quite an interesting novel. I was not prepared to be as interested as I was. I thought that this would be just another story of an orphan who wanted to be successful. Instead, I got an education...

4 Stars

Peril By Ponytail - Bad Hair Day Mysteries, #12

Nancy J. Cohen once again delivers a delightful cozy mystery with the latest escapades of Marla and her partner Dalton. Even a honeymoon doesn't stop these two from ferreting out a dangerous killer. Marla is a easy heroine to identify with,...

4 Stars

Gone And Done It - Dreamwalker Series #1

Landscaper Baxley Powell is a twenty-eight year old woman. She is raising Larissa, her ten year old daughter, alone. The military declared her husband dead. That is something she did not agree with. Yet they withheld his benefits because th...

4 Stars

Hanging By A Hair - Bad Hair Day Mysteries, #11

The twists and turns will keep you guessing to the end and just about the time you think you have it all figured out she surprises you by steering you away with another clue. The author is always keeping you guessing as to where the story w...

5 Stars

Shear Murder - Bad Hair Day Mystery, #10

Nancy J. Cohen gifts readers with another fast-paced fun cozy. In this installment of the “A Bad Hair Day Mystery” Marla has more than the normal pre-wedding jitters and I loved watching her plan her own upcoming nuptials while dealing with...

4 Stars

Where She Belongs

Jess Morgan hasn’t been back to her hometown in 4 years, not since the argument with her step-father. But now her step-father has died and her mother needs her. But things aren’t as simple as a daughter returning to her mother. Things haven...

3 Stars

A Haunted Twist of Fate

Shay Brennan has been dealt some serious blows lately. Not only did she have two failed relationships that she's gone through, but also she's still grieving over the loss of both her parents. Although she's a city girl, it seems that the li...

5 Stars

Fly Me to Paradise

Madeline and Charles Holt have been married for seven years. When Charles decides he doesn't want children, Madeline convinces him to set some sperm aside before he has a vasectomy, just in case he changes his mind. Charles dies in a car ac...

5 Stars

The Nude

Nigel Purbek, Marques of Edgeware, is a bit of a recluse but he’s also got a reason. He has a secret. One he doesn’t really want the rest of the ton to know about. He has faced ridicule in the past for his passion for painting....


The Last Matryoshka - A Jo Epstein Mystery

Twists and turns abound in The Last Matryoshka when Jo is asked to help Nikolai Kharpov, her émigré stepfather. Helping her stepfather leads Jo not only into the criminal underworld, but also to Moscow and its surrounding area...