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Tinsel in a Tangle

Ainslie Paton pens a delightful holiday short story that blends the joys and pains of office life. Shelby Yule is wonderful in her Human Resources role and her genuine and caring nature shines through as she tries to ensure everyone at her...

4 Stars

Copping It Sweet - Murphy's Law #5

“Copping It Sweet” by Anna Clifton is an intriguing read! Well-paced, this story has a number of twists and secrets that kept me turning the pages. A number of funny moments keep parts of the book light, but the undercurrent of intrigue and...

4 Stars

Bite Deep

Small town politics meets Werewolves justice in this foreign set MC paranormal romance. This story is set in rural Tasmania. It features Ben “Bulldog “Jericho as president of the Diablo Dogs MC and alpha werewolf leader. When murder strike...


A Kiss From Kringle - Frosty's Snowmen, #2

Deception, attraction and Christmas magic come together in this story to make a romance that is magical. Though the story is short, it is well developed and is complete. The characters are multi-dimensional and include things like families,...



You know that friend who has to always do things her way, even though it’s not the best course of action? That’s Dr. Ruth Parker, only her annoying behavior is taking place during the zombie apocalypse. A little compromise and common sense...

4 Stars


What would you do if someone came into your car and gave you a thousand dollars to drive them around? Would you tell them to get out? Would you accept the money and all the consequences that comes with it? Would it make a difference if the...

3 Stars

The Healer

It is well noted that many readers, apart from myself, have selected this novel for review because it is similar to Outlander. Being a fan of Outlander, I do not think that The Healer compares equally because it is so much better! In fact T...

5 Stars

Getting Wild

Getting Wild is a tropical beauty of a story set in the Australian outback. Readers are in for a real adventure. This story was great to follow. You get to explore as you go. Ella, the heroine, had an ice and fire personality. You never kne...


Deadly Secrets

From the first page until the end you can feel the emotions jumping off the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the in depth descriptions of small town living and the character descriptions as well. You felt like you were part of this little town c...


Beached - Aegira Chronicles, #2

This is a book that try as I might, I couldn't get into. Having read the first book, I have to say that the main reason that I had problems with both this read and the one preceding it is the Mer factor. The author spends so much of this re...


Fish Out Of Water - Aegira Chronicles, #1

This book started out really well. Raina is a great rough and tumble girl, and as a character is hard to beat. The issues that I had with this book had more to do with the Mer aspect than anything else. Though they provide an element of int...


Lone Wolf's Captive

Guilty Pleasure Alert! This was a quick read that hit all my buttons. Alpha male, strong female, and a misunderstanding that has festered even though Delaney convinced herself Fletcher was dead in order to live with his absence after they p...