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Dumah's Demons - AngelFire Chronicles, #1.5

Having read both books 1 and 2 of the Angelfire series by author Ami Blackwelder, I knew Dumah’s Demons would be a perfect complement to the series. I was not disappointed in the least. This novella tells the story of Dumah, Kian’s troubled...

4 Stars

Falling Angels - AngelFire Chronicles, #2

Falling Angels is the second book in the outstanding Angelfire series by Ami Blackwelder. As with the first book, I was immediately drawn in to the story, as it is extremely engaging and interesting. I did find it somewhat fast paced, but n...


She Speaks to Angels - AngelFire Chronicles, #1

She Speaks to Angels is most assuredly not what I expected. What I expected was a somewhat lighthearted, upbeat, young adult novel about a young girl who can speak to angels. What I found was a beautiful novel that, although it is quite dar...


The Shifters of 2040 - Shifter Evolutions, #3

The ability to change form can come in handy and there have been times when I wished I possessed the ability to shift for any number of reasons. In Shifters 2040, Evolution #3 the characters are capable of shifting into an array of forms, h...