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Honeybun on the Run - Honeybun Heat, #7

Sam Cheever brings on more ginger love with this instalment of the Honeybun adventures. Clovis Honeybun is a sexy, smart and brave hero, the type of gentleman we all dream of. I admit that this clan of gorgeous redheads have all been darn n...


Esther Egg Hunt - Holidays are Hell series, #3

Sam Cheever heats up the holidays once again with this adventurous short story. Esther Mills is a spunky heroine stuck in an unenviable situation but instead of wallowing she sets a plan in motion and I found it very easy to admire her. Luc...

4 Stars

Devil May Care - Holidays are Hell series, #2

Sam Cheever adds a terrific twist to the holidays with this sweetheart of a short! I loved the abundance of adventure and the exuberance of this story. Valentine Smith is a fabulously complex heroine, just when I thought I knew exactly who...


Devil Under the Mistletoe - Holidays are Hell series, #1

Sam Cheever offers a bit of everything with this fantastic Holiday read. Amanda Wright is a superb heroine and she won me over as quickly as she did the reluctant hero. She’s strong and sweet and slightly sassy when she needs to be. I enjoy...

4 Stars

Bedeviled & Beguiled - Bedeviled & Beyond, #1

It's 2060 and humans have destroyed the earth. An evil has been able to breach our plane and things will never be the same. Astra Q. Phelps is a Tweener. She is not human nor is she full angel or full demon. She is half demon and half angel...

4 Stars


Sam Cheever knows how to make you chuckle while you’re fanning yourself over her sexy and sweet heroes. The dedicated and gorgeous doctor is another fabulous leading man and although he isn’t an alpha hero he makes you see why not all men n...


Stealth Honeybun - Honeybun Cousins: Book 3

Once again Sam Cheever presents her readers with a fascinating hero completely worthy of worship. I am a huge fan of the Honeybun clan and just when I think no one can win me over more than the last leading man along comes a new one. Peyton...


Honeybun Sheik - Honeybun Cousins: Book 2

Abdel is no typical Middle Eastern Prince, with traditional restrictive views about women. He's the complete opposite which has put him in danger with the rest of the Saudi Royals by his choosing to support women's rights and help his cousi...


Honeybun at a Dude Ranch - Honeybun Hunks Series, #6

Sam Cheever delivers up a deliciously gorgeous hero guaranteed to satisfy any reader’s sweet tooth. Once again, she presents her readers with a fascinating Honeybun hero completely worthy of devotion. I am a complete fangrl for all the Hone...


Honeybun in a Loin Cloth - Honeybun Hunks: Book 5

One of the Honeybun's has landed in a murderer's crosshairs. Godric Honeybun is participating in a historical reenactment when he sees Chandini "Dini" Moonglow undressing as she gets ready to bathe in a creek. Enchanted by her dark skin and...


A Honeybun and Coffee - Honeybun Hunks Series: Book 1

Alastair Honeybun unknowingly witnesses a kidnapping. So, when a woman calls and tells him he’s in danger he hangs up. Then Angie Peterson shows up minutes later at his house and explains she overheard two men in her coffee shop say t...