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Heal - The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures

In this intriguing book about our beloved four-legged fur friends, we are told stories about how dogs, as well as a few cats, are used in the medical field to help us battle different cancers. The idea of a dog being used to sniff out cance...

5 Stars

The Necrophiliac

Necrophiliac does not spend its time trying to shock you with scene after scene of over the top violence and depravity. Yet, he is a depraved character who does horribly disgusting and shocking things that are meant to make the reader squir...

5 Stars

Love Struck

Love Struck is a laugh out loud, humorous novel about life and love and what it means to believe in a second chance! Twenty-seven year old Poppy Ross has it all. A soaring career, great friends, killer condo and of course there is her hands...


Reconciliation - The Bloodlight Chronicles

Zakariah, Zak, Davis is a gifted runner. He can get in and get out better than anyone else and he can process new data that would knock other runners out of the game. His brain has been surgically wired for direct plug in to the global comp...


Truly, Madly, Deadly - The unoffical True Blood Companion

I have found in the past books that are labeled as a "companion" to television shows or movies generally consist mostly of glossy photos of the stars and a few "fun facts" littered throughout episode guides and summaries...

5 Stars