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Zerah's Chosen - Book I of the Guardian Circle Series

Zerah’s Chosen is a YA fantasy novella. It centers around the world of Zerah and the five who are “chosen” to be Guardians or protectors of their world. The guardians of the elements of Life and Death are born to every gen...

4 Stars

Assiniboin Girl

Kathleen Wallace's book, "Assiniboin Girl" is wonderful. Imagine being like Mary Two Dogs, different and yet the same. She has to deal with how others perceive her. Deal with the looks and taunts of those who are narrow minded. Ma...


Over Her Head

Frances is a young lady that bicycles and studies at a college. She is working on a paper on the tales of Merpeople. She then finds the lead collector that knows all about books on merpeople. His name is Garrett. She brings cookies along wi...