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Ember - Rulers of the Sky Book 2

Paula Quinn takes us back into her world of sexy dragon shifters. In this second installment we have uber hot Garion Gold and kick butt Helen White. In Quinn’s dragon shifter world most dragons have given up their ability to shift and their...


Virtue - Sons of Scotland Book 1

This was an amazing story that I literally could not put down. It is rich with history and descriptions of people and places that made you feel you were there with the characters. Alexander, was a boy when he was left by his mother at a mon...


Scorched - Rulers of the Sky Book 1

Paula Quinn's "Scorched" reminds me so much of those timeslip romance tales of the past. About twenty years ago, in my early life of a romance reader many fantasy, science fiction and timeslip books hit the market. It was a very magical tim...


Word of Honor - Knights of Honor Series Book 1

"Word of Honor" is a sweeping tale of love and loss. It is a story of trust and of betrayal. Merry and Geoffrey are fascinating. Their love is true and strong. The author creates a world that is vivid and complex. She fills this world with...

4 Stars