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The Conciliators - The Collectibles Trilogy, #3

This book is the conclusion of an emotionally intense trilogy that has you so involved with the characters that they feel real. And, while you probably could just read this book without having read the previous two books, don’t. They build...

5 Stars

The Concealers - The Collectibles Trilogy, #2

This long awaited sequel is worth the wait. Once again, you quickly become part of the story and the twist and turns become as personal to you as they are to the characters. Once again, Preston is one of the main characters and while he’s n...

5 Stars

The Collectibles - The Collectibles Trilogy, #1

Joe Hart’s parents died when he was ten leaving him to be brought up by his aunt and uncle in the Adirondack mountains where his uncle worked as a guide. Joe considered himself pretty average; average height, average weight, average c...

5 Stars