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Harland County Christmas - Prequel Novella / Harland County Series

Ms. Michaels has outdone herself yet again! I love Harland County Christmas with Jen and Brock. Even though these two characters have been in other stories prior to this one, we finally get to read their story. I fell in love with Brock for...

5 Stars

Wyne and Dine - Citizen Soldier Series, #1

All Lea Gablonski hopes for is to work at a museum in New York City and to finally be noticed by her best friend’s brother, Battalion Supply Sergeant Benjamin Wyne. Lea has practically grown up around Ben and has a serious crush on him, but...

5 Stars

Her Forever Cowboy - Harland County Series, #4

Shayla Ryan has been constantly on the run because of her troubled past. Now is no exception. But when she arrives in Harland County, she gets the sense of closeness and family the residents have for each other. Maybe she finally found a pl...

5 Stars

Her Uniform Cowboy - Harland County Series, #3

Brandi Wyne decides to leave behind a symphony career, her family who is all military and everything else back home in the Poconos to start fresh renovating a restaurant/pub in Texas. She’s had enough of not only the abuse she’s experienced...

5 Stars

She Does Know Jack

Ms. Michaels has written another fun, enjoyable story that allows her readers to get lost within her world for a few hours. We’re introduced to Brielle Chapman, a security specialist who takes an undercover position with her uncle’s firm an...

5 Stars

Her Unbridled Cowboy - Harland County Series, #2

Ms. Michaels did it again by providing her readers with an entertaining storyline to get lost in while falling in love with her well-developed characters. In this second book of the Harland County Series, we are told the story of Kerri Mast...

5 Stars

Her Fated Cowboy - Harland County Series, #1

I absolutely loved this latest release by Ms. Michaels. Right from the start, I was pulled into the storyline and I feverishly was turning the pages to see what would happen next. In this story, we were introduced to two characters, Jordan...

5 Stars

Captive Hero - Time-shift Heroes Series, #1

Ms. Michaels has outdone herself yet again by writing another story in which her readers can’t help but fall in love with her characters. I loved that Marine Pilot Captain Samantha Sheppard was a tough, no-nonsense kind of woman who was sma...

5 Stars