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Destiny's Mark - The Guardians of Eden, #3

Destiny's Mark is the third in the Guardians of Eden series. I highly recommend starting at the beginning of this fantastic series in order to fully appreciate the rich and complex world the author has created. The larger saga keeps evolvin...

5 Stars

Warrior Reborn - The Guardians of Eden, #2

Warrior Reborn is the second in the Guardians of Eden series and another great read. I love a series that stays connected. The saga continues but this time it's Briet who's the focus. We revisit old friends and meet new ones. This is a smar...


Betrayal's Shadow - The Guardians of Eden, #1

They were created with the same form as humans; but they weren't human. The Guardians were made by God to offer hope to humanity. Their children safeguard human souls. A terrible disease decimated their number, sparing only the children. Th...