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The Devil is French - The Whipping Society Book 2

"The Devil is French" by Delilah Marvelle is the second book in her Whipping Society series. The author is trying something different. Instead of the traditional romance novel that is completed at the end of a single book, Ridley and Jemdan...

4 Stars

Mr. Ridley - The Whipping Society Book 1

I'm delighted that Delilah Marvelle has started a new historical romance series, starting with Mr. Ridley, due out on February 28th. The author hinted about her Whipping Society series in her School of Gallantry series and it's finally here...


Lord of Pleasure - School of Gallantry Series, #2

Struggling to make ends meet, the widow Lady Charlotte has taken employment as the initial screener for Madame de Maitenon's School of Gallantry . Her first husband was a debouched fool, he had four mistresses and was killed by one of...


Mistress of Pleasure - School of Gallantry, #1

As the granddaughter of Europe's most illustrious courtesans, Maybelle de Maitenon has hardly led an ordinary life. While most young ladies are taught musical and other socially accepted arts, Maybelle has been learning the art of love. May...

5 Stars