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The Good Sister

"The Good Sister" was a little weird but in a good way. You get a lot of intriguing things happening when dealing with twins and this situation is no different. All Isla wanted was to go to sleep and drift away into lala land. That's soon d...


Tales of Monsterotica - Anthology Collection: Book One

So many adventures and so many monsters. Jonathan Woodcock’s adventures begin with Count Shagula and his evil plans. Can Jonathan save the villagers and himself from the nefarious count? Jonathan must find a way to break the hold the count...

4 Stars

Finders Keepers - Fairy Tales After Dark Book 2

Ms. Collins found my heart and pulled me into her story. She captured me until the end. I loved all her characters. She gave them each their own characteristics and they played off each over very well. As I read I thought to myself this cou...

5 Stars


“Blue” by L.B. La Vigne was a little erratic for my tastes. The prologue was confusing to me but I really liked the way the first chapter started with the lost cat as the focal point. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of constantly shifting poin...


Stealing Beauty - Fairy Tales After Dark Book 1

This is my first Jessica Collins books and I enjoyed it! Let me first start off with that I thought this would be about sleeping beauty so when I started reading it and saw where I had made my mistake I was like *in my Mathew McConaughey vo...