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Blood Divided - Soul Born Saga, #2

Twenty years ago, there was a large war. After the war, the towns and kingdoms worked on restoring order and livelihoods. Twelve years ago, they gathered to elect someone to unite them all. Unanimously, it was decided that Duke Ethan Essex...

3 Stars

Soul Born - Soul Born Saga, #1

Soul Born by Kevin J. Breaux is a fantasy novel set around a mage in training, a warrior who is to fight an evil tyrant warlord but suffers from memory problems of another life and a banished elf who finds herself in the center of a human w...


The Halfling's Court - A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale

Danielle Ackley-McPhail brings us an exciting Bad Ass Faerie tale about motorcycle driving fairies. It’s action packed, with a touch of romance and loathing thrown in for good measure. It is one I will be sure to read again. If you li...