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Deathblow - Broslin Creek Series #4

This compelling series continues to provide exciting and suspenseful tales as it expands to include various characters associated with with the Broslin Creek police department. The gripping introduction to the hero’s predicament is contrast...


Deathwatch - Broslin Creek Series #1

“Deathwatch” by Dana Marton is part of the mesmerizing “Broslin Creek” romantic suspense series. Katherine Concord is an unexpected tenant who Murph Dolan discovers when he returns from his fateful deployment. He is surprised to realize tha...


Deathtrap - Broslin Creek Series #3

This mesmerizing romantic suspense title is an excellent sequel to the first title in the series but is perfectly capable of being appreciated as a stand-alone title. The eerie connections that are gradually revealed make this story like an...


Deathscape - Broslin Creek Series #2

This was a chilling but fascinating contemporary romantic suspense tale that had paranormal elements. I really enjoyed the way things were gradually revealed and it was entertaining to watch Jack's skepticism morph into an appreciation for...


The Third Scroll - Hardstorm Saga, #1

“The Third Scroll” by Dana Marton is a fantasy novel about Tera, a young girl struggling to survive long enough for the healing powers that she has inherited to blossom within her. Betrayal by her father results in her being snatched from h...