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Warlock in Training - Studies in Demonology Book 1

This was an entertaining beginning to a new urban fantasy series. Angus is a college student who comes from a magical family. His father is a well-connected warlock and expects Angus to follow in his footsteps. Angus has issues with them us...

4 Stars

Infected: Holden - Mean Streets Book 1

If you know me at all you know that the original Infected series is one of my all time favorite UF series and Holden was one of my favorite characters in that. I went into this with both excitement and trepidation. I so wanted it to be good...


Mad Lizard Mambo

Urban Fantasy is my all time favorite genre and so I was really happy when I came across the first book in this series awhile back. I've been anxiously awaiting this follow up book and I can say I was not disappointed. This was super good....