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Hatshepsut's Collar - The Artifact Hunters #2

I must admit it, I am a massive fan of Egyptian mythology. So when I stumbled upon this series, you can imagine how thrilled I was. In no way whatsoever was I prepared for the wild adventure that awaited me. Author A.W. Exley has spun a mas...

5 Stars

I Kissed a Ghoul

You would think that being the mayor’s son would automatically make you popular. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Tommy Wharton. As a matter of fact, he gets picked on for being overweight. However, there are some perks like using his...


Shattered Secrets - Book of Red #1

This book was beyond good. The only issue I had with it is the author attempted to cram a little too much into it. I think some people will find parts of it hard to understand. i.e., the parallel universes, etc. I have a background in it so...

5 Stars

Nefertiti's Heart

I was insatiable in reading Nefertiti's Heart! This was only my second steampunk book and this book is downright amazing. The descriptions in the story make you feel like you are Cara and that your life is literally turned upside down. Whil...

5 Stars

Wilde's Fire - Darkness Falls, #1

I was kind of worried about Wilde's Fire because of the length. I haven't had a lot of good experiences when it comes to books that exceed 250 pages. So this one being 324 made me very scared to get started. But after reading this book I wa...

5 Stars