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Broken Wings - Hidden Wings Series Book Two

This was a good next installment in the Hidden Wings Series. It gives you an in depth portrayal of the dilemma Emma is facing. Her life is changing before her eyes and what she thought she knew about herself and her family is nowhere near t...


Kallos Sorrow - Kallos Series #2

Can I just say, to begin, wow? I adore this series. Kallos Sorrow is the latest installment in this fabulous series. It has all the heart and drama of the previous books, and continues to build on the previous books in a way that I certainl...


Aphrodite's Curse - Kallos Series

Aphrodite's Curse is a novella that is part of the Kallos series of books. There are actually three novellas that build the basis for the series, this, Acidalia, and Sean and Ian. Aphrodite's Curse is a tragic story that introduces us to th...


Sean and Ian - The Kallos Series - Prequel

This is the third of three novellas in the Kallos series by Khelsey Jackson, and this one falls just before Kallos starts. I found it very sad, but very moving as well. It tells us quite a bit more about two characters we come to know very...



Torn was very confusing! It switches from past to present and from dreams to reality. These transitions made it a very hard to follow book. A lot of the scenes made me keep wondering. I had to question did that really happen or was that a d...


Beyond The Red Door - The Red Door, #2

In this second book in the Red Door series, we find teenager Jesse Miller deciding to throw a party at the Starke house for his friends. The day he picks turns out to be the fiftieth anniversary to when teenager Max Jensen entered the house...

5 Stars

The Orah

Ms. James wrote another entertaining short paranormal story in which I couldn’t help but love her characters and storyline. In this story, we find two strangers, Liz and Gus, passing the time together talking on a park bench. As they get to...

5 Stars

Realms of Darkness

This is another fantastic short book that showcases Ms. James’ talent for writing horror stories. This book contained four really short stories that each packed its own punch for her fans to enjoy. In The Lamp, we’re told the story of how S...

5 Stars

The Red Door - The Red Door, #1

Ms. James has another winner on her hands with this short horror story. In this one we’re told the story of how it is Max Jensen’s first day in a new school district because his family moved. If the stress isn’t enough for him in having to...

5 Stars

Acidalia - The Beginning of Kallos - Kallos Prequel

Acidalia is very short beginning to the story of Kallos. It is also a very sad story, and one that, even in the brief time that I was reading it, had this reviewer tearing up. The story introduces the two Hunter boys who we will get to know...


Kallos - Kallos, #1

Kallos is a fantasy tale that will entice a reader from page one and will not let go. The story is very lush in its detail, and quite beautiful in the way it is built. It moves from waking sequence to dream sequence flawlessly. The characte...


In My Dreams

Liz is psychic, garnering the ability to have prophetic dreams of death. When her boyfriend Michael is late picking her up the night of their anniversary, she dreams of him taking her someplace and begging her to remember him always. To rem...