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My Wolf's Bane - Shapes of Autumn, #1

Veronica Blade wow’s me again with another fabulous story. She knows how to draw a reader in to her characters’ lives and have you flipping the pages. My Wolf's Bane is an engaging young adult paranormal that readers will enjoy. Autumn is o...


From Fame to Shame - Twin Fame

So Cal author Veronica Blade writes great stories in a range of genres. From Fame to Shame, YA contemporary twin swap romance, showcases her strength of making the reader care about the characters as well as feel what they are going through...

4 Stars

Something Witchy This Way Comes

Something Witchy This Way Comes is a fast paced thrilling story that will catch paranormal fans attentions. With the perfect blend of romance and action as well as mystery you will want to pick this book up. Get your witches and warlocks no...

4 Stars

A Bite's Tale - A Furry Fable

Two childhood friends, who never knew each others name, developed a relationship they never thought could be tested. At least until "Jack's" Cinderella turned into a werewolf and attacked him, forcing her to flee back to the United States....