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As Red as Blood

This book intrigued me from reading the synopsis but as soon as I got it in my hands and started reading, I was left confused with no understanding of what was happening and going on. Maybe because this was translated from a Finnish was the...


The Wolf Road

“The Wolf Road” is a beautifully gritty story that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Elka, the main character, is searching for her parents while being chased through harsh environments by a revenge-lust sheriff, Lyon and a ruth...


The Safest Lies

“The Safest Lies” was a weird book to me. I can’t even imagine living with my mother knowing she was a survivor of a kidnapping. The things that Kelsey had to go through are unfathomable. Kelsey's life is turned upside down when she comes h...

3 Stars

Hunt for the Pyxis - The Galaxy Pirates, #1

Get ready for adventure. This is an awesome story that will have children wanting to read on. The main characters are children who discover a whole new world. Emma and Herbie go from their boring, normal lives to ones with pirates, secrets...

5 Stars