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A Soul For Chaos - Book 2 of the Soulbearer Trilogy

A Soul For Chaos is the second book in the Soulbearer Trilogy by Crista McHugh and this book is even better than the first one. I just love Arden's character and watching her come to terms with sharing her body with the God of Chaos, Loku....

4 Stars

A Soul For Trouble - Book 1 of the Soulbearer Trilogy

Arden Lesstymine has lost everything that she cared about and was making her living as a bar-maid in the town of Wallus. Everyone called her “Trouble” because of her blond hair, blue eyes and that she was able to perform magic, which was ou...


Cat's Eyes

Em “The Eyes” has been Andy’s partner for four years now, the best partner he’s ever had. Not only that but she is hot and has been after him for some time. But Andy doesn’t want her to get hurt like his last l...


Provoking the Spirit

Remy Robicheaux has bought a house that seems to already have another resident living there – a ghost. Not knowing what to do himself with this entity, he calls his younger sister and she tells him that Ainsley Brennen, her best frien...

5 Stars