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The Return Of Benjamin Quincy

In The Return of Benjamin Quincy, I didn't like how the character Sydney lets people walk all over her. She's strong in some ways, but not when it matters. She lets her ex-boss Meredith, her mother Lauren, and her ex Ben tell her what to do...


The London Affair

Beautifully written, The London Affair by Susan Lute is an emotional book to read. The words don’t gently take you by the hand and lead you down a floral path. From the first page, Stella Carmichael’s incredible sense of loss, betrayal and...

4 Stars

Jane's Long March Home - Falling for a Hero

Jane's Long March Home by Su Lute is a woman's journey to find herself amongst other lost souls. Our heroine becomes entwined in the lives of the man who wants to help her and the children that need her. This author sets the stage for which...