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The Archery Contest

The Archery Contest is one the most entertaining stories I've read in a while. I love historical romance but Ms. Lyn has added something special to this one. The hero and heroine are fascinating and intriguing characters. It's a game of cat...


Out of Practice Aphrodite - The Naughty Goddess Chronicles, #1

S.E. Babin entertains with this fun and flirty read. I will admit that I love mythology and when the gods and goddesses mix with humans I enjoy the outcome. Aphrodite is my favorite deity because of her attitude and in this reincarnation sh...

4 Stars

Lycan Gladiator - Wolf Maiden Saga 1

Lycan Gladiator is the tale of Roman history with a paranormal romance spun in. The characters of Cassie and Ulrich are vivid and a perfect match for each other. Eva Gordon wraps a sweeping romance around the brutal sport of ancient Rome. I...


Nearly Departed in Deadwood - First book in the Deadwood Mystery Series

Single mom to twins, Violet Parker struggles to make ends meet. She's moved to Deadwood, South Dakota, to live with her Aunt and has taken a job as a realtor. Unfortunately, her poor sales record keeps her in danger of losing her job. Upon...