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A Matter of Time book 4

If you haven’t read books 1, 2, or 3 please do yourself a favor and read them before starting book 4 it will be well worth it! And if it’s been a while since reading them let me remind you of the two main characters. First we ha...

5 Stars

A Matter of Time book 3

A Matter of Time book 3 by Mary Calmes was by far her best in this series. In book 3 Jory Harcourt is kidnapped, beaten and takes a bullet for the man he loves and it’s still not enough to keep his on again off again partner Detective...

5 Stars

A Matter of Time book 2

If you read Mary Calmes A Matter of Time book l you’ll love A Matter of Time book ll . Book two takes begins right where book one ends. Jory Keyes has left Sam Kage, the vice detective who was trying to protect him after Jory witnesse...


A Matter of Time book 1

Take the day off, unplug the phone and put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign because once you start Mary Calmes series of books A Matter of Time you’re not going to want to be interrupted!   In book one you’ll be in...



Leaving the war in Afghanistan and getting home to his wife Kerry is all Lt. Jay Sutherland has on his mind. That is until he is called back to help locate a missing platoon. Life gets more interesting when one of the men that has...