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Moon Watchers - Hunter Series, #2

Sandra Cox's novel, "Moon Watchers" is a great read. I found myself thoroughly caught up in the lives of the various characters. Some characters were my favorite, some not so much. There was a mystery to be solved, a romance to en...


Solstice Heat - The Magic Seasons series, #2

Solstice Heat was a easy, quick, and entertaining read. A note of warning, however: This is the second book in the series and it doesn't stand-alone well. There are eight characters that feature prominently in the story and at times their p...

3 Stars


One of Gillian Stone's ancestor’s many generations ago made a wish with a genie but didn't listen to the consequences. Her family may be rich and beautiful beyond belief, but they have a curse. The firstborn daughter of every generati...


Vampire Island - First in the Hunter Series

Zoe is a popular, well dressed, teen that has everything going for her. When her parents are murdered her "perfect" life comes crashing down, leaving her in the custody of an Uncle she doesn’t even know. Uncle Julian is curr...


Avenging Allaire - The sequel to "Awakening Allaire"

They are back, the twins, Allaire and Devon in a story that will make you want more of the Mercer family. This is a story that makes you believe in happily ever after. We last saw Devon and Allaire getting engaged. You would think yay final...

5 Stars

Awakening Allaire

Imagine a world where money can get you anything or anyone. Imagine a man who has found his soul mate but she is with another. Finally imagine going through all the obstacles to be with her and finding out that the happiest part of life is...

5 Stars

Beltane Magic - The Magic Seasons series, #1

Although I liked this story and thought it was pretty interesting, I was somewhat put off by two things: the story isn't really resolved even though the story is a fairly short one and that the author seems to be writing a textbook for Wicc...

3 Stars

Eternally His

Thirty-two year old Erica Peterson is a savvy businesswoman. Growing up in the family owned bridal salon, Erica knows the business like the back of her hand. Now running it solely by herself although her parents still have part ownership of...

5 Stars

Love's Reflection

Wounded by past rejection, Dr. Cort Hirsch, a brilliant professor, creates Alpha, a female robot to meet his every need. Making her in the image of Zoe Parker, a movie star who'd publicly snubbed him, Cort purposefully denies her the abilit...