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Boleyn-Tudor Vampire

Boleyn-Tudor Vampire tells the story, albeit in a supernatural manner, the story of Anne Boleyn, a tragic and poignant person from Medieval England. Sentenced to death because her husband King Henry the 8th, tired of her, on the date of her...


Diary of a Vampire Stripper

This novel is hilarious. The love scenes are beyond scorching, and the tender moments are enough to make the hardest heart sigh. When reading Diary of a Vampire Stripper, I had many moments of laugh out loud hilarity, and more than a few te...

4 Stars

Creepy Crawlers - An Anthology of Spine-Tingling Terror

I was expecting a book of creepy bug stories, instead what I got was a group of stories that do their best to explore the worst of the human psyche, without needing a degree in psychology to understand the point. There were some stories tha...

4 Stars

The Abraxas Series - Books 1-3

There are three books in this novel, The Beginning , Definitions , and Affaires de Coeur .   The Beginning:   This starts when Christine is bitten by a vampire. The vamp left her for dead. She wakes up three days later hungry for...

4 Stars

Abraxas The Beginning - Book 1

Christine Vargas was walking down a street thinking about nothing. Then she was jumped by two vampires and they left her for dead. Surprise! She was not dead and not alive. Christine became a vampire, however, not a "Primitive" vampire who...

4 Stars