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Rock's Redemption - Insurgents MC Romance Book 8

Very few things are hotter than a Cajun bad boy who happens to be part of one of the baddest MC's around. "Rock's Redemption: Insurgents MC Romance Book 8" will have the reader begging for more. The story is strong with non-stop full thrott...


Banger's Ride - Insurgents MC Romance Book 5

Once again Chiah Wilder has struck gold with "Banger's Ride: Insurgents MC Romance Book 5". Banger lost the love of his life six years ago and Belle is a struggling single mother who lost her husband. Neither of them had romance on their mi...


Axe's Fall - Insurgents MC Romance Book 4

Dirty, Raunchy, Sexy, and high octane is how I would describe "Axe's Fall: Insurgents MC Romance Book 4" by Chiah Wilder. Axe is not only lethal when it comes to the club's dirty work but he's lethal when it comes to women. He's never been...


Chas's Fervor - Insurgents MC Romance Book 3

In the Insurgents Outlaw Motorcycle Club, the men are a law unto themselves. The women are easy and their brotherhood is tight. Chas, after a bad marriage, has sworn to never get sucked into another relationship again. However, he can't get...


Throttle's Seduction - Insurgents MC Romance Book 7

Better than that popular biker show, "Throttle's Seduction" by Chiah Wilder will take the reader on a hot, gritty, sexy, and thriller style ride. Kimber is a talented mechanic but Throttle, an Insurgent, can't wrap his head outside of his c...


Hawk's Property - Insurgents MC Romance Book 1

I didn’t not like this book very much. The killer is sadistic and very graphic in what he does to women. The language is crass but it’s an MC book so its to be expected. The warning at the end of the description said it would be violent but...

3 Stars

Jax's Dilemma - Insurgents MC Romance Book 2

Buckle in. Make sure you're ready for one hell of a ride because Jax's Dilemma: Insurgents MC Romance Book 2, is going to take you all the way. This book not only a hot and sexy read but it has a great story with strong characters that deli...