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Ex-Isle - Ex-Heroes, #5

In this world of ex-humans (zombies) and few survivors, there are stories of heroism and deception. This is the fifth book in this series and could probably be read and enjoyed without having read the previous four. However, much of the bac...


Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is the perfect novel for those who are nostalgic for the 1980’s, even as readers are transported to the year 2044, where most of the world prefers to spend their days in a virtual reality searching for a hid...

4 Stars

A Triple Knot

Every time I pick up a novel by Emma Campion, I know I will be in for a treat and A Triple Knot is no exception. Filled with description, vivid imagery, and a flowing plotline A Triple Knot should be on everyone’s to be read list. Half hist...

4 Stars

Sleepy Hollow - Children of the Revolution

When Ichabod Crane, a soldier from the Colonial Army, finds himself resurrected more than two centuries after he was killed, he’s bewildered to say the least. He can’t believe the world that surrounds him now, let alone why he is even alive...

3 Stars

S.E.C.R.E.T Revealed - A SECRET Novel, #3

This book is the final book in a three book series. It is the best one of all. The author tied it all up nicely in a bow and everyone got their happily ever after. Cassie finally got her happy love with her business partner Will. She got pr...


Ex-Purgatory - Ex-Heroes, #4

Agent Smith isn’t the only one playing head games in this story. Peter Cline starts off in normalcy which isn’t what readers of this series are used to in the least. In fact, I wasn’t sure if I was reading the same series or whether the fou...

4 Stars

Ex-Communication - Ex-Heroes, #3

Once again Peter Clines takes you back into a Los Angeles after the virus that turns people into zombies or ex-humans. There is a pocket of unaffected people who are struggling to survive and have been for 3 years. In this book, a voice fro...

5 Stars