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When, When, When will it be Christmas?

Big bright pictures and simple words show the excitement of waiting for Christmas. Red birds work on red bows while white mice snip and dance while making snowflakes. Presents are wrapped and a pageant is presented. Reindeers hang lights an...


I'm Not Cute! Baby Owl

“I’m Not Cute” by Jonathan Allen is the adorable (dare I say, cute) children’s book featuring an owlet who objects to being called cute...until he isn’t. The forest animals enjoy interacting with the not so “huge and scary hunting machine”...

4 Stars

Is That My Cat?

“Is That My Cat?” by Jonathan Allen is a delightfully illustrated children’s book that follows the puzzling discovery that a cat is no longer the sleek slim pussycat once known. The struggle to fit through the cat door, clean plates that us...


A Great and Complicated Adventure

Mr. Tellegen has written a children’s book compiling nineteen stories filled with plenty of adorable animals telling magical tales of their friendships and journeys along the way. These stories aren’t written in the traditional sense in whi...


Clumsy Duck

Poor Clumsy Duck is so upset because no matter how careful she is, she seems to constantly fall, trip or stumble since her webbed feet are so big. One day, she meets Chick and they become close friends. Chick helps Clumsy Duck out by seeing...

5 Stars