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The Beloved - A Faerie Tale Series, #2

The Beloved is the second book in a fantasy romance series. Don't start this book if you haven't read the first book, The Enchanted. We do get a new romance, but many overlapping characters. Yay! This book doesn't have as much fantasy in it...


The Enchanted - A Faerie Tale Series, #1

Be transported into a fantasy realm with a hero, heroine and wicked villain. Secrets will be revealed and pasts unraveled. Not everyone remembers the past the same. I loved the strong and magical hero. I liked him, but he was also flawed. O...

5 Stars

The Rebirth - Soldiers of the Craft Series, #1

This awesome debut novel is the perfect introduction to a series, or at least I hope it becomes a series. While some of the characters and situations may feel over the top, over all this story is truly well written. The introduction almost...

4 Stars

First of Spring - The Gardinian World Series, #3

I found this story very depressing. There is lots of death and little joy, even though a baby is born which should have been a very happy experience. This is part of a series that you need to read in order to understand the next book. Trent...

4 Stars

Heart of a Rocky - The Gardinian World Series, #2

Wow, this is two complete stories under one title. Both are intense and it is definitely highly recommended that you read the first book in the series prior to reading this one. Otherwise, you may become quickly confused by the world that h...


The Lycan Hunter - The Gardinian World Series, #1

At first I found this story a bit confusing with lots of gods with different powers and abilities as well as 6 different shifters and a hunter group. Soon, though, they all became clear and the story not only captured my interest but I foun...


Riverbend - The River Valley Collection, #2

Riverbend kept me on my toes until the reveal, which is very rare for this reader/author. The connection between the cast of characters is stellar, and while I felt 10 year Alder's dialogue was a bit mature for his age, his actions were als...

4 Stars