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The Dream Dancer

"The Dream Dancer" was a sweet, fast, mostly uncomplicated read. Mostly, because Bryce and Rowland both start out problematically: Bryce is a bit spoilt and Rowland is the stereotypical chauvinist rake. It worked, however, because if love i...


An Unlikely Alliance

It was hard for Evelyn not to notice a man such as Royce and the same can be said for the reader. His commanding presence and verbal sparring leaves little doubt that this confident rake knows exactly what he wants and always gets it. Yet R...


Compromising Kessen

What on Earth is a girl to do? Kessen, a native born American heiress, daughter of a British Earl, has suddenly been told she is to relocate to London to “reconnect with her roots” and experience a Season in London, under the guidance of he...


Savage Winter - Seasons of Paleo Book 1

I've read and enjoyed a lot of Rachel Van Dyken's books. The cover for Savage Winter is truly breath-taking and is what drew me to this book. Though it is the well-developed writing used to create memorable characters what kept me reading....