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AfterLife - The Starbuck Chronicles, #1

Zoe Dawson introduces us to another land of paranormal beings to fall in lust with. From the temperamental werewolves to the sexy Fairy Dust Administration (FDA) this story is chock full of characters that leap off of the pages through ther...


Groomed for Murder - Going to the Dogs, #2

I really enjoyed this second book in the Going to the Dogs series. Ms. Dawson has done a great job developing her characters to be everyday people that her readers can easily relate to while wrapping an interesting storyline around them to...


Leashed - Going to the Dogs, #1

This was a fun and enjoyable story that immediately drew me in and held my interest until the very last word. I loved the fact that this story was wrapped around two Great Danes, Jack and Jill, which just so happens to be one of my favorite...