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Stolen Away

Lord Strahan, King of Faery, has just kidnapped Eloise Hart. Eloise had no idea that the world of the Faery had even existed before this. While Strahan was only supposed to rule for seven years, now he doesn't want to give up the crown. Elo...

4 Stars

Ruling Passion

Ruling Passion is a grouping of Alyxandra Harvey's Drake Chronicles. It contains the first three books; My Love Lies Bleeding, Blood Feud, and Out for Blood. I will say this right now you need to read these stories in order to understand th...

5 Stars

Haunting Violet

Violet Willougby's mother is a famous medium, though it is not as well-known that Violet's mother is an infamous fake: a false psychic and certainly not a widow. After years of helping her mother con attendees at s‚ances, they are summoned...