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Dog-Gone But Not Forgotten

Carrie Moore only returned to Rhode Island from Texas because her Nana died.  She was Carrie’s last living relative so Carrie had to take care of everything.  This isn’t to say that Carrie minded but she now had some r...


Her Knight Before Christmas

In 1192 England, A woman named Hannah comes to Gavin of Rogueforth and thanks him for rescuing her daughter and her yesterday. She tells him he needs to find another Hannah in a different time so he can save her. On December 15, present day...


Bad Timing - Holiday Contemporary Romance

Emily Rowland knows that she isn’t going to be able to get out of going to the Evans’ Christmas celebration this year no matter what excuse she thinks of telling her best friend, Holly Evans. You see, Holly is determined to...

4 Stars

Vixen - Length: Novella - Heat Index: Steamy

Vixen is a warrior used to fighting the Rogue vampires. What the heck is she doing in a bridesmaid dress? Well technically she was undercover in the wedding to act as sort of a body guard for the bride. , But still she is a warrior and very...

3 Stars

Graphic Sexuality - (O-Zone Adventures: Volume 1)

Marie Jenkins, an ordinary thirty-three year old woman, had nobody special in her life at the moment. Work kept her busy, but she still had her eye out for Mr. Right. You see, Marie owned her own comic book store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As...

3 Stars

Kandy Shoppe - Contemporary Erotic

What a sweet read! Why is Kandy's freezer always breaking down? Sure it's old, but come on! And isn't it convenient that every time it does break down, Jason Chapman, repairman extraordinaire, is always the one to come to the rescue? Kandy...


I Love Lacy - Amethyst

Lacy Kane has a problem. Well, several but that's neither here or there. Her priceless tiara is missing and she can't save the world from bad cuisine without it! Lacy is from a long line of aromatherapian's; the select few with highly devel...