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Alien Captured - Zyrgin Warriors Book 5

Marie Dry has really knocked the ball out of the park with this Science Fiction alien romance. The fifth book in the Zyrgin Warriors series, "Alien Captured" is a nonstop adventure ride that will not only keep the reader engaged and turning...


Sabrina and the Gargoyle

"Sabrina and the Gargoyle" was nothing like I expected. It's a complex, suspenseful tale filled with supernatural creatures of all kinds. There is a love story here, but it is deftly woven into a fascinating world and a race to save that wo...


Captain's Captive

Ms. Hachtel does an excellent job portraying tough, feminine characters in a time when women had fewer rights. This novel has a straight-forward plot and a strong beginning. I especially enjoyed the cute cooking scenarios as they broke up t...


A Snitch in Time - Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries #3

Sunny Fraizer reveals to readers, the ins and outs of a police investigation in the Sierra Nevada foothills in this entertaining whodunit. Christy Bristol is such an authentic leading lady; she fights with her best friend, can't stand her e...


A Vampire's Deadly Delight

In general I love vampire books, and this was a quick read. If you love or know Seattle, Washington State, or Everett, then you’ll be delighted with the real-life descriptions. And yes, Dick’s Burgers are the best! What I didn’t expect was...

3 Stars