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Echoes of Angels - Keepers of Eternity Book 1

"Echoes of Angels" is a very slow burner but once the story really begins to take off, it is explosive, carnally sensual, and has an equal mix of thrills and some chills. Julianne has returned to a family she never got to know after a bad c...

4 Stars

Desire Unmatched - Coded for Love Book 4

Never judge a book by it's cover. We've all heard that but Xander gave that all new meaning for me. What lies beneath his exterior isn't even hinted at and frankly I felt for the poor guy. No spoilers but I can honestly say I did NOT see th...

4 Stars

Desperate Match - Coded for Love Book 5

What first got my attention was the plot. A woman running away from an abusive relationship into the arms of a super soldier. Of course I wanted to read that. The fact I haven't read the other books in the series is no problem to be able to...

5 Stars

Conquered Match - A Coded for Love Novella

I’ve got to say I didn’t particularly care for the lead female in this story. Why? Because she acts like a petulant child and reveals a secret that’s not hers to reveal. She had good reason, probably more than most, but she didn’t think it...


Heated Match - Coded for Love Book 1

The blurb was enough to intrigue me but the story captivated me. Though parts were a bit unrealistic, for the most part this story felt possible. The characters were well thought out and interesting but the mission and international scope w...


False Match - Coded for Love Book 2

Aha! The previous books in this series have focused on the DNA aspect and how the parties involved have no choice. But Chase wants Samara in the worst way and goes about getting her, regardless of the opinions of his peers. Chase made the b...


Possessing the Night - Hunting the Dark Lord Book 5

Eternal Triangle had a range of emotions that I didn't expect... When mortal Dom has not one but two vampire submissives, it's going to be a wild ride. Chad's love for his female sub, Katie, who he's known since she was a mortal, transcends...

4 Stars

Stalking the Dark - Hunting the Dark Lord Book 3

Eternal Surrender is the third in the d'Argent series in which the powerful vampire Reynard needs to be vaporized. In this book I finally learned why Louis Reynard is what he is. He's an older, impotent vampire who kills mortals who resembl...

3 Stars

Shadowing the Beast - Hunting the Dark Lord Book 2

Eternally His is the second of a continuing saga in which the d'Argents are trying to rid the world of an old, powerful, vampire, named Louis Reynard. Reynard's victim to be, this time, is Julie. Stefan d'Argent and Julie get it on in Ann J...

3 Stars

On the Trail of Darkness - Hunting the Dark Lord Book 1

Vampire Justice, the first in the d'Argent Honor series, left me wondering why the d'Argents are so committed to hunting Louis Reynard. The story of Claude and Marisa seems to be thrown into the main story line for its promise of graphic se...