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The Incubus Job - Mission: Magic #1

Diana Pharaoh Francis has created an intriguing world in The Incubus Job with lots of interesting elements and captivating characters, as well as some remarkable quirks. Especially in Mallory’s case, where a bunch of helpful ghosts, which m...

4 Stars

The Boarding House

This book is mind bending. However, I feel that it needs to be said that this is not a romance. This is more in line of a testimony of young girl's survival and covers the very difficult subject of child molestation. The reader is given a l...

5 Stars

SEAL of My Dreams

"SEAL of My Dreams" is the exquisite anthology of romantic stories that is a fundraiser for the Veterans Research Corporation. The tales are written by eighteen well-known and popular authors and focus on the heroes who have trained as SEAL...

5 Stars
  • Authors: Cindy Gerard, Stephanie Tyler, Tara Janzen, Stephanie Bond, Anthology
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Frost Moon - Skindancer, Book 1

"Frost Moon" by Anthony Francis is the imaginative tale that introduces Dakota Frost, magical tattooist, as she is trying to deal with several significant demands on her skills. A mysterious were-wolf has a particular design that he wants i...


Blood Rock - Book Two in the Skindancer series.

Blood Rock by Hank Smith is a fast-paced and intricate paranormal tale that blends an imaginative melding of magic, graffiti, werekin, vampires and skindancers. Dakota Frost has her hands full, she is trying to find a school for her soon-to...


A Dog Named Slugger

In this story Ms. Brill discussed how difficult it was for her to manage through a normal day because she was suffering from Cerebral Palsy since a very young age. Constantly being unsteady on her feet and even falling at times, made her re...

5 Stars