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Baby Love

Whether it is your first child or third one, when a new baby enters the family all the attention is focused on the little one. This picture book with large, attractive illustrations focuses on the elements and the child’s characteristics th...

4 Stars

Mr. Cornell's Dream Boxes

In this picture book for children four and older, Jeanette Winter remembers a man who made “dream boxes” from materials he collected around his home in Queens, New York. These wooden boxes with glass fronts became quite well known eventuall...

3 Stars


Here’s another ABC concept book, but this board book is definitely for an older child. Although all the letters of the alphabet are presented here, the book’s pages are very busy and the text, although limited, would be more appropriate for...

4 Stars

Brownie & Pearl See the Sights

Brownie and her pet cat, Pearl, are bundled up and off to see the sights downtown on this cold, snowy day. Brownie is carrying her handbag and Pearl has her cute, blue mouse toy. There are many things to see and places to visit. First, the...

5 Stars

The Boss Baby

You might think this is a board book for toddlers, but upon closer inspection it becomes obvious it is the perfect book for new parents. From the moment he arrives in the house, Boss Baby leaves little doubt who is now in charge. The first...

5 Stars