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On A Stormy Primeval Shore: New Brunswick - Canadian Historical Brides Book 9

The year is 1784. Amelia sets sail to a new colony in Canada. Amelia's father is choose a husband for her, but Amelia detests the man. But she has luck on her side. She meets Gilbert who is a trader and a handsome too. Gilbert is struggling...


The Farewell Season

Only a few months ago, Eric's father was killed by a drunk driver, and Eric feels the loss of his father keenly know that football season has started again. At each practice, he looks for and misses his father who once helped him train. To...

4 Stars

My Fake Summer Boyfriend

My Fake Summer Boyfriend is perfect summer read for every girl age 12 to 15. Although I am very far from this age group the story brought me back to my teenage years and while reading it I remembered all those long hot summers that I spent...


The Cracksman's Kiss

Ah, romance. What a delightful adventure this historical romance this book turned out to be! I knew it would be good, but to be totally honest, I never expected this. I adored the characters, as they are all well written and fully engaging....


Free to Love

Joanna is a young widow who is trying to move on with her life after her husband, Kyle, died while doing the job he loved, being a fire fighter. In order to move on, she decides to move back to her hometown where her Aunt Marcella lives. Sh...


Hey, Nobody's Perfect

Hey, Nobody's Perfect was a good book. I enjoyed how the plot slowly came together and that Sivia and Keeley started as friends first and took a while to get together. Sivia was interesting, caring and nice. Keeley was a sweet and caring ch...


Crossroads Showdown - Crossroads Series, #3

Crossroads: Showdown by Keta Diablo is the third book in her Crossroad Series. Three little girls from West Virginia have gone missing. One of them is the daughter of a judge with ties to the FBI. Once again Special Agent Rueben Hayworth ha...


Crossroads Revisited - Book 2, Crossroads Trilogy series

Crossroads Revisited by Keta Diablo is the second story in the Crossroads Series. Five young college boys, each of them found floating in the Patuxent River. The Baltimore police say the cause of death is drowning. But the parents of the bo...


Sojourn With A Stranger

Her parents drowned at sea, Raine just wants to go home to her Grandfather in Maine.ÿBut her pride stands in her way.ÿDetermined not to take charity, she instead insists on working for her passage home.ÿDerek, the owner of the ship she and...


First Degree Innocence

Carrie Lang is wrongfully convicted of a crime and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Despite claiming her innocence, she is harshly treated by the prison guards – except for one she has her eye on, and who seems to have his eye on her,...

2 Stars

Crossroads Shadowland - Book 4, Crossroads Trilogy series

Crossroads: Shadowland is Keta Diablo’s 4 th installment in a series of novellas. You can read Shadowland without reading the other books but I would suggest going back to read them. Frank McGuire is an ex Baltimore cop now and a toug...


Crossroads - Book 1, Crossroads Trilogy series

Frank McGuire is asked by the police department to help with a series of murders. It’s not really what he’s looking to do, but he reluctantly agrees to help. When his dead partner's wife asks him to help find her son Frank...