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Extraordinary Rendition

Extraordinary Rendition could be a good book for some. I, however, did not like this book. Paul Batista’s Extraordinary Rendition is about one lawyer’s hard journey through a trial that he feels should never have been. This book was very we...

3 Stars

Death's Witness

Tom Perini had everything going for himself. He had a great profession as a criminal lawyer living in a good neighborhood in New York and most importantly – a good family. A Stanford graduate and former top football player he was jogging in...


Dead End Deal

Alzheimer's disease is something we all joke about and dread at the same time. Dr. Jon Ritter believes he has found a cure using Deep Brain Stimulation. There's just one problem: he's out of funding and the FDA won't approve human trials. R...

4 Stars

Dead Ringer

What a great read. This is a “Robin Cook” story and maybe a bit more. A very high speed read that the reader will not want to put down. In the world of harvesting body parts for medical research and teaching pre-med students their craft, th...