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Save My Soul - Kemmons Brothers Baseball, #1

This book is a great beginning to the Kemmons Brothers series. Elley definitely showed her insight in the baseball community, with all the ins and outs, as well as bringing a great story to life. With her online counseling business just get...

5 Stars

Heal My Heart - Kemmons Brothers Baseball, #3

Tag Howard has become the go to guy in sports medicine. After his father left and took his brothers with him, he is adopted by a terrific family, however the scars remain. He will find himself still trying to measure up to his father's stan...

5 Stars

Seal of Surrender - Seven Seals Series Book 2

Traci Douglass’ hits the scene with her second Seven Seals Series title. This is a must read series! The first seal has been opened and has activated the second seal. Chago has been assigned to protect the second seal, Irena. Irena is a pea...

5 Stars

Seal of Destiny - Seven Seals Series Book 1

Readers are in for an awesome series in Traci Douglass’ Seven Seals Series. Love has a way of shining through even when the world might end at any time. If you haven’t seen this series yet, don’t pass it by. It’s a must read and a 5 star to...

5 Stars

Masquerade - The Dragonfly Chronicles Book 3

What an absolutely thrilling, chilling rollercoaster ride through time! This book is without a doubt one of the very best books I have read this year. Modern day witch and thief, Kat, steals for the best of reasons, but when a sexy, mysteri...

5 Stars

The Last Execution

Jerrie Alexander catches readers in the cross hairs and keeps them holding their breath until the end. Being behind the scenes on a hunt for a serial killer definitely doesn’t disappoint with either the mystery or the romance. Leigh McBride...

4 Stars

13 - Tallent & Lowery, #1

I unequivocally feel that this Tallent & Lowery 13 story is one of the best suspense, adventure books I’ve read in quite some time. I was immediately immersed into Gareth Lowery’s search for the twelve hidden keys that supposedly opened the...

5 Stars

The Sapphire Storm - Tallent & Lowery, #2

Ms. Lignor penned another great novel that grabs you immediately and takes you on the ride of your life. In this sequel to the novel, 13, we find Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery heading to Leah’s parents’ house in Connecticut for the Christm...

5 Stars

The Hero's Companion - Tallent & Lowery, #3

In book three of this series, we find Leah Tallent and her boyfriend, Gareth Lowery, called upon to find some answers as to why her father, David, has been suddenly abducted. As Leah and Gareth arrive at the Tallent residence in Litchfield...

5 Stars

The Charlatan's Crown - Tallent & Lowery, #4

When Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery make it into a castle that used to be run by Hitler, they are amazed to find out information they would never know otherwise. These two must face many perilous situations, as they always do, in order to m...

5 Stars

Tempted by Trouble - Bad Boys, #1

Ms. Arden penned a hot and sexy story for her readers to enjoy. When she wrote how Carolina Rodriguez and Matt McLemore met while attending her cousin Sam’s wedding, I laughed out loud how they “collided” into each other. What a first impre...

3 Stars

Ship of Souls

This book is definitely a keeper in our house. I am excited to share it with my own 11 year old son. With only 120 pages, it is a fairly short read, but excellent for the younger reader. Interesting concepts and turns of events keeps the re...

4 Stars
  • Author: Zetta Elliott
  • Review by: Isis
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: AmazonEncore

Narrows Gate

Readers who are looking for an all day and beyond read that covers the years from the early 20's through the end of World War II and beyond will grab this one and hold on. A new novel by an established author of fiction "Narrow's Gate" is a...



From the very first page, Favorite sets the pace for a delightfully mysterious read. Jaw dropping and frightening, main character Angel (or Angie) is followed and attacked by a man who wants to show her something. Waking up in the hospital,...

4 Stars

Life On Hold

Karen McQuestion proves with Life on Hold something that should be continuously proven. Contemporary Young Adult Literature can be pretty darn amazing. Most YA books get knocked down and brushed aside as childish, yet McQuestion's work is t...

4 Stars

Why I Love Singlehood

This is a wonderful book. I enjoyed it very much, and no, I actually hate coffee! As for the cues for restarting a dating life, I think Eva has the right idea: investigate, investigate, investigate. Sure, she has a lot of interesting situat...


Ordinary World - Sequel to Faking It

Andi Cutrone seems to have found a secure, content and happy place in her life now that she is married to her husband Sam. But when he's involved in a freak accident that claims his life, her life is turned upside down instantaneously. She...


Faking It

Andi Cutrone decides to leave her life in New England and heads back to her native Long Island to start a new life for herself. Since she's a writing professor, she takes a position at SUNY Brooklyn and begins to make new changes to her lif...

3 Stars