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The Midwife

The midwife is written by Katja Kettu and translated by David Hackston. Katja Kettu has written several books and even won a few awards, but "The Midwife" is her first book written in English. Her translator, David Hackston is a freelance t...

4 Stars

The Scribe

What drew me to read The Scribe, an historical novel by Antonio Garrido, was the fact that it is an historical novel. I love history, and this story intrigued me. Indeed, it shot me back to a time when Charlemagne was King and the Byzantine...

4 Stars

The Beginning - Berlin Gothic Series, #1

The Beginning grabbed my attention when I was browsing Night Owl Reviews. I am sad to say that it fell so short that I really didn’t even want to complete a review for it. The cover and story blurb is what grabbed me. But after reading it y...


The Corpse Reader

What an astounding experience! The Corpse Reader is a smooth journey from start to finish. This story transcends the meaning of historical novel. The plot is well-developed, and the characters are well written making this book a delight to...

5 Stars

Six Heirs - The Secret of Ji, #1

Excellent story! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Mr. Grimbert’s series is suspenseful and highly entertaining. A page turner from beginning to end: and you will not want it to stop from there! Plot development was tight as wer...

5 Stars


Christine is approaching her 44th birthday. She has a good job, a nice apartment but her personal life isn't quite as good. She is divorced and later found out that her husband and best friend has been having an affair behind her back for y...