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The Disenchanted Widow

The Disenchanted Widow is a sequel and I recommend reading the first book because it explains Bessie's marriage, or lack of one. I liked Herkie and I was upset that he was called "naughty" right at the beginning. What did they expect after...

4 Stars

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood was an awesome read about finding out where you came from. Menina was an orphan. She had no idea why her parents left her, and why they left her the items they did. A medal and a hand written book were found with her. She was...


Changing Lanes

A beautiful book with beautiful characters! I have read “Changing Lanes” by Kathleen Long and this would be my summation. This story is about a young woman whose life was in order and who had everything going for her. She had a great job, a...