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Our Short History

"Our Short History" deals with a subject that is somewhat hard to talk about...DYING. Author Lauren Grodstein does a very good job at presenting this mesmerizing as well as heart wrenching ale. Readers are placed into a deeply moving story....

5 Stars

Leave Me

I just didn’t find “Leaving Me” compelling. I didn’t care for the MC as instead of facing her problems she runs away. She’s a grown woman and she should have relied on her husband to help her. Though this book she never really worked on her...


The Daylight Marriage

Fresh off the tidal wave of another missing wife type of thriller, Gone Girl, The Daylight Marriage pales in comparison. It was not without its moments however, as it accurately presents the mundanity of day to day life after several years...

3 Stars

The Remedy for Love

After reading some of the reviews on the cover of this book, I was anxious to read “The Remedy for Love” by Bill Roorbach. A romance novel written by a man would certainly have a different slant than those written by most romance novelists....

3 Stars