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This story of survival and love starts out with a bang. August is on a plane to a fashion shoot with his boyfriend and crew. He's heartbroken over something that has just taken place and next thing he knows the plane is crashing. August awa...


Complementary Colors

Paris is a famous artist who has a life that looks good from the outside but is actually falling apart around him. He struggles with mental illness and substance abuse and he suffers both physical and emotional abuse from his sister. One ni...


The God Code - Nephilim Prophecy

The God Code has an interesting take on the world of angels and demons. Indigo is a human that has the ability to see demons and fight against them. Ariel is his guardian angel and the two have worked together for years in the war between g...

4 Stars

In the Absence of Light

This is one of the best books I've read with a special needs character. Grant is an ex-smuggler who has retired and is trying to lay low in a small town until he can move his money and leave the USA. While repairing an old house, Grant meet...