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Vengeance is Now - Tate Holloway

Vengeance is Now has a strong opening and the story continues to pick up in speed and intensity. The character of Tate was smart and determined. Rita was a perfect sidekick - playing Robin to Tate's Batman. While reading this book I was try...


California Girl Chronicles - Brea & the City of Plastic

Brea Harper is a young 22 year old coming of age California girl. She believes she is destined to become a screen writer so she moves to Los Angeles where all the action is. Unfortunately, getting a job as a screen writer is a little harder...

3 Stars

Blood Over Badge

Spoiler alert - Blood over Badge could have been a good story, but the telling of that story failed because of several reasons. There were a lot of little things that bugged me. The grammar was poor: missing commas and lost end quotes. The...